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Thermally Powered Pressure Boosters

The need to increase the pressure of a fluid at the same time as heating it occurs in many cases other than in central heating and hot water systems. Common examples include steam cleaners, espresso machines and power showers, amongst many others. In industry, there are countless examples of cases in which this need occurs.

NIFTE devices are particularly well suited to these sorts of applications, because they are applications in which a high grade energy source (e.g. electricity) is already being used for pumping and heating at the same time. Therefore, a NIFTE device can replace the ensemble of pump plus heater, pumping a fluid and dumping its waste heat in the same fluid, with much greater reliability and at lower cost. Furthermore, the ratio of heating power to pumping power can be changed in real time, simply by adjusting the NIFTE’s feedback valve to select a more efficient (high pumping power, low heating power) or less efficient (low pumping power, high heating power) operating regime.

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