Thermofluidics' technology is applicable from industrial state-of-the-art to the poorest farms in the world - it is our objective to serve both.
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Thermofluidics is focused on establishing relationships with a small number of strategic partners that offer global or regional market leadership across sales, service, distribution and manufacturing.

For example, on our Wellcome project to develop smallholder irrigation pumps, we chose to partner with Wilo and iDE:

  • Wilo is a global leader in the pump industry with a long track record of bringing pump products, systems and solutions to market. Wilo offers expertise and credibility ranging from product lifecycle development through sales, service and market insight at scale. Thermofluidics and Wilo have established Board relationships, developed over many years.
  • iDE is a global leader in smallholder irrigation. iDE brings insight and credibility in building market-based systems to increase smallholder incomes, by testing and then scaling transformative products, including Thermofluidics’ irrigation pumps.

Thermofluidics develops deep partnerships with businesses to make the benefits of our technology and applications available under license. We are open to partnering with market leading businesses that offer a strong fit and specialise in all or specific parts of the value chain including manufacturing, distribution, sales, service and financing.

Our technology is proven and patented, offering strong differentiation and economic advantage to businesses and end consumers, compared to existing products using older technology. We believe our products are unique on a global basis.

We are happy to discuss how specific products can be brought to market rapidly in partnership.
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