Thermofluidics' technology is applicable from industrial state-of-the-art to the poorest farms in the world - it is our objective to serve both.
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New job opportunities with Thermofluidics

June, 2017

Thermofluidics is creating a new position for a graduate engineer or physicist with 3 or more further years of experience in academia or industry to support our DAHR development work. Please see our jobs page for further information.

Thermofluidics completes phase 1 field trials

April, 2017

Thermofluidics has completed phase 1 controlled-conditions field trials of the latest smallholder irrigation DAHR and NIFTE technologies in collaboration with our development partners in the US, India and Bangladesh.

Thermofluidics proves DAHR at 60m head

March, 2017

Thermofluidics has demonstrated a DAHR with 25m long pipes lifting water against a 60m head (surface pressure). Models indicate that a full 60m long apparatus situated in a deep well with an appropriately-sized drive pump will achieve market leading hydraulic efficiencies across a wide range of delivery flows.

Thermofluidics begins smallholder irrigation DAHR trials with Wilo and iDE

November, 2016

Thermofluidics has begun controlled-conditions trials of the DAHR lifting water from depths of between 10m and 30m at sites in Pune and Kolhapur, India and Dhaka, Bangladesh

Thermofluidics begins trials with iDE

October, 2016

Thermofluidics engineers have begun working with iDE to assemble and commission a NIFTE solar-thermal pump for smallholder irrigation at iDE’s technical centre in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Cai Williams spent two weeks with the iDE team and successfully handed over the equipment to begin controlled trials.

Lynne Dunnett joins Thermofluidics

September, 2016

Thermofluidics welcomes Lynne Dunnett as Experimental Technician. She will take on the running of our Oxford-based DAHR/NIFTE test facility. Lynne has ten years’ experience as a water engineer and has worked in East Africa and Asia on a range of irrigation projects, most of which were aimed at improving smallholder farmers’ livelihoods. Lynne has a background in Civil and Irrigation Engineering.

Thermofluidics opens new DAHR/NIFTE test lab

August, 2016

Thermofluidics has doubled its floor area at Begbroke Science Park, Oxford to include a new lab test facility in the Centre for Innovation and Enterprise that is specifically equipped to conduct parametric tests and incremental modifications to our DAHR and NIFTE technologies.

Thermofluidics ships NIFTE Version 1.3 prototypes to iDE

July, 2016

Thermofluidics has shipped two NIFTE Version 1.3. prototypes to iDE facilities in Denver, Colorado, U.S.A. and Dhaka, Bangladesh.

New job opportunities with Thermofluidics

May, 2016

Thermofluidics will be creating two new positions within the team based at Oxford over the coming months. We are looking for an Experimental Technician and a Production Engineer to help us to accelerate our product development. Please contact us for more information or to apply.

Thermofluidics begins trials with Wilo

April, 2016

Thermofluidics engineers have begun working with Wilo to assemble and commission two NIFTE Version 1.3 solar-thermal pumps at Wilo’s production facilities in Pune and Kolhapur, Maharashtra, India. Cai Williams and Tom Smith spent two weeks with the Wilo team and successfully handed over the equipment to begin controlled trials.

NIFTE Version 1.3 complete

March, 2016

Manufacture of the first set of NIFTE Version 1.3 pumps is complete and Thermofluidics are preparing to ship the pumps for controlled trials with partners in India and Kenya. The latest design is an evolution of our core concentric geometry with improvements to material specifications and assembly details.

Ben Cartwright joins Thermofluidics

August, 2015

Thermofluidics welcomes Ben Cartwright as our new Head of Operations. Ben has a background in civil engineering and water management and has worked for NGOs in Afghanistan and Sudan. His primary role will be to will support the delivery of the Wellcome Trust Translation Award deliverables.

Thermofluidics receives Wellcome Trust Translation Award

June, 2015

Thermofluidics is pleased to announce that we have received a Translation Award from the Wellcome Trust. This award, totalling £3M over 42 months will fund three prototype iterations and two rounds of field trials of modular low and high-head pumps, based on our proprietary NIFTE and DAHR technologies, across India and Kenya and enable the development of a complete set of production drawings in preparation for tooling and pilot commercial launch.

Cai Williams joins Thermofluidics

April, 2015

Thermofluidics welcomes Cai Williams into our Field Engineer role. Cai will be using his background in agricultural and mechanical engineering and borehole drilling in Malawi to help develop and trial Thermofluidics’ technology for smallholder farmers.


January, 2015

The NIFTE and DAHR are coupled for the first time, and proven capable of raising water over 10m and providing a further 14m of surface head in our test well near Tiverton, Devon, U.K.


November, 2014

The NIFTE and SAHR are coupled for the first time, and proven capable of raising water over 12m using low-pressure steam as a working fluid, in a stairwell in the Department of Engineering Science, University of Oxford.

The key power module and the flow-separator module

October, 2014

The key power module and the flow-separator module of Thermofluidics’ large-volume valved pumping engine are couples and working together at our U.K. test site in Devon.


October, 2014

The NIFTE and DAHR are coupled for the first time, and proven capable of raising water over 12m using low-pressure steam as a working fluid, in our U.K. test well in Devon

The Single ‘Acting Hydraulic Ram (SAHR) pump’

September, 2014

Thermofluidics announces the Single ‘Acting Hydraulic Ram (SAHR) pump’ a modified version of the DAHR for lift-only applications and narrow boreholes.

Improved 30W NIFTE output

July, 2014

Thermofluidics demonstrates improved 30W NIFTE output with a solar heat source at our test site in Southern France.

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