Thermofluidics' technology is applicable from industrial state-of-the-art to the poorest farms in the world - it is our objective to serve both.
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NGOs and Government Agencies

Thermofluidics is committed to helping address the global need for low cost, reliable access to irrigation. We are also committed to helping support NGOs with the provision of drinking water and the removal of human waste to improve sanitation, which are strategic concerns for many NGOs and government agencies.

Smallholder agriculture

The DAHR pump is capable of working with a range of matched surface drive pumps, including the NIFTE, to lift water from considerable depths, making it a modular and versatile solution. The DAHR is scaleable making it able to help irrigate even the most challenging examples of smallholder land.

Our NIFTE technology is directly applicable to small-scale water pumping from surface water sources for irrigation. It is ideally suited to providing surface head in the range 5 to 10m, making it ideal for low-pressure drip, spray systems and appropriate surface filtration. Working with the DAHR, the NIFTE can draw water from wells up to approximately 20m deep, or increase its output at low head. At these relatively low heads, the DAHR can be made entirely from plastics, making it a very affordable add-on. Our NIFTE/DAHR base unit is designed to irrigate an area in the range 0.1 to 0.2 Hectares[1], depending on climatic and hydrological conditions. Larger areas can be irrigated through the technology’s modular capability or with multiple units depending on available energy sources and budgets.

We have established relationships with NGOs working in the sanitation and irrigation sectors including with iDE, a global leader in smallholder irrigation. These organisations are currently helping us with field trials and production design and are well placed to help with access to manufacturing and distribution channels in due course. We remain open to exploring collaborations with other organisations working in the field.

Water supply

DAHR pumps matched with suitable surface drive pumps can provide sufficient deep-lift capabilities and surface pressure to lift deep groundwater and filter it to achieve drinking water purity.

As well as providing lifting capabilities for direct use, our NIFTE technology can enable water to be pumped over significant horizontal distances for water supply.

Water lifting and purification

Our NIFTE technology can potentially be deployed for grey-water and foul-water pumping and re-processing. Furthermore, because it can be powered by the sun using solar-thermal collectors, it is particularly well suited to applications where thermal treatment is necessary in addition to/instead of filtration. This can easily be achieved as an auxiliary function by recuperative pasteurisation.

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[1] Assuming 5mm irrigation per day.

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