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High Pressure DAHR Pump

To enable a range of surface pumps to draw water efficiently from deep wells, Thermofluidics has developed a new Hydraulic Ram technology called a Double Acting Hydraulic Ram (DAHR) pump.

Our DAHR pump utilises the Joukowski effect to draw deep ground water and provide surface pressure. The DAHR can be driven by a range of surface pumps, such as electric centrifugal pumps, diesel and petrol pumps, solar pumps and indeed our own pumping technology, the NIFTE. The DAHR has no precision parts and no sliding seals.

The DAHR uses robust and durable components in the submerged environment, allowing sensitive pumping components to run at the surface, greatly increasing ease of maintenance and overall system lifespan. The pumps are particularly well suited to wells with significant draw-down or level variation as their input impedance (effort required to pump) remains constant, with flow-rate output varying instead. This allows a correctly sized surface driver to operate at or near to its Best Efficiency Point (BEP) further improving overall system efficiency, wear and tear, sizing and maintenance requirements.

Thermofluidics has consistently achieved efficiencies above 70% for a range of heads and flows. The design and materials of the DAHR can be tailored to suit hydraulic requirements and currently there are two versions in development, a plastic version for pumping up to 25m head and a high head Stainless Steel version initially aimed at pumping up to (and well beyond) 60m head.

As a result of its unique features, the DAHR is able to couple with a diverse range of matched surface drivers and outperform many other submerged pumping technologies of equivalent rating in terms of lifespan, efficiency, capital costs and lifetime costs.

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